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Stacey Rees is a contemporary abstract artist based in the Grampians, Victoria and is an observer of life and people. She looks beyond what is on the surface and is more interested in inner workings.

Although Stacey has been exhibiting since 2002 and was most recently a finalist in both the Percival Portrait Prize 2020 and The Lester Portrait Prize, 2021, her up coming July solo exhibition in Sydney at Saint Cloche Gallery will be her second consecutive solo with the gallery.


Within that gaze, her subjects can be delicately attired and fully present, or almost shrinking in fear. In both subject matter and palette, I was reminded of another bard of the soul, Joni Mitchell, in her better artistic moments. A must-follow talent to keep your eye on. 



Jill Singer Co Editor & Founder of Sight Unseen

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